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Lived experiences of New York 1943 - 100x100 cm - Acrylic on canvas - Year 2020

Lived experiences of New York 1943 - 100x100 cm - Acrylic on canvas - Year 2020

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Marlene Dietrich, the German diva famous for the film "The Blue
Angel" and the song "Lili Marlene," walks thoughtfully in 1940s New York.
Marlene was known for her strong political convictions and the courage to
express them. In the late 1930s, she established a foundation with
Austrian director Billy Wilder and other exiles to assist Jews and dissidents
in escaping Germany. In 1939, she became an American citizen and
renounced her German citizenship. In this rainy day at Times Square,
unmistakable signs of this challenging historical period are visible: in the
background, the old New York Times building bears the inscription "Buy
war bonds"; a little lower, the sign WAAC indicates a recruitment station

for the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. I wanted to portray an era that
fascinated me for its distance and at the same time closeness to ours: in
those years, a "mass society" was born, with its film industry, advertising,
and increasingly crowded and cosmopolitan metropolises. Above all, I
wanted to portray a great woman of the time, significant in the art world
and courageous in her choices, which led her to a difficult detachment
from her beloved homeland in the face of a morally unacceptable regime.


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